One-stop IT Technical Support & Solution

Nowadays information technology is a key of success for small and medium-sized enterprises when they are trying to expand their business. However, some enterprises may not have necessary resources to handle IT problems as facing difficulty of employing IT talents or high cost of solution fees. All you need is IT outsourcing to handle IT emergent problems and provide best upgraded IT facilities.

SHARP strengthens IT SERVICE team in 2015 to provide one-stop computer and network support, more options of hardware products. Our clients are able to achieve highest operating efficiency with limited resources.

We dedicate to provide high efficiency and low-cost IT solution to enterprises in last 40 years. IT SERVICE is experienced to provide the best IT support to enterprises with excellent technical know-how and rich of IT and network knowledge. From now on, enterprises no longer invest huge resources in IT department and able to focus on developing their core business thanks to the beneficial IT outsourcing.

All Ready for Hard-Software

SHARP Business fully understand that enterprises concern the risk of investing IT hardware, therefore, IT SERVICE will provide the consultation service to client in order to understand their problems and provide a procurement plan based on budget.

  • Desktop Computer, Laptop, Server
  • Projector, Display Screen
  • Office/ Server Operation System
  • Endpoint Cyber Security Solution, Anti-Virus

Data Backup for Ever-changing Enviroment

Automatic Data Security Backup Solution

NAS (Network Attached Storage Backup) is cross-platform cloud based storage system which enables you to backup, synchronize and share files anytime without using third-party data centre. The privacy of enterprise is protected by original security system of NAS.

Easy, Straightforward

NAS supports different file formats and high-speed transfer, what you need to do is only Drag-and-Drop files. NAS is available on various devices, including mobile devices, to access files. With auto scheduled backup function, you don’t need to take risk of manual backup.

Network Construction, Stable Future

Network Planning Whatever You Want

SHARP can setup regional network to connect all office devices of enterprises and divide it into serval independent networks as different needs. For example, two regional networks can use two individual servers separately but sharing the same copy machine which is most suitable for those companies using shared office.

Powerful Complementary Infrastructure

The network using the hardware and routing service provided by SHARP is capable of handling high network traffic of sizable enterprises, transferring data easily and defending malware by using high security protection. Enterprises can use routers to setup wireless network, consequently, it minimizes the constraint of routing.

Print Management Solution,
Worry-free Additional Cost

SHARP provides a high efficiency printing management solution which enables you to reduce printing cost by a centralized control of the access right of different departments or individual and a centralized management of a large number of copiers at one portal.

PaperCut™ software
Track user activity with web-based management portal, supports different operation systems and provides detailed printing report. Cost accounting and access control software, which can track all printing and scan jobs. It also can set the print quota of color document to reduce the total cost.

Documents Management Solution,
Efficient with Seamless Workflow

SHARP Business integrates the solution of copier and document management system, enables you to scan, print and manage workflow seamlessly and efficiently.

PDF editor with OCR function. After you scan documents, OCR to convert it as an editable PDF, users can edit, extract and search any text and tables inside PDF files, add electronic signatures and combine different types of file as single PDF.

Intelligent platform which can extract the content of documents and categorize it into corresponding file types automatically. It saves more times on handling varied of work.

Intelligent document management system which enables you to manage different types of file on your computers or cloud platform fluently.

Enterprise-grade Cyber Security, Strongest Support

In order to protect your customer information and business operations, enterprises can strengthen the ability to defend against potential threats on each employee's computer to prevent future viruses from entering the network. In long run, a comprehensive Endpoint Security Solution can not only reduce defense costs, but also avoid intangible losses incurred by enterprises due to data leakage or network security incidents.

Sangfor Endpoint Secure

The light-weight, intelligent and instantaneous endpoint security system helps users deal with any endpoint security issues, and conducts real-time endpoint detection. Use cloud big data and data collected by artificial intelligence to analyze potential risks, resulting into immediate isolation and automatic repair.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Mainly for users who work at home, no need to set up another firewall. Users only need to log in to the platform to safely use the company's business system. IT administrators can also perform remote system maintenance without setting up in the company to avoid increasing the risk of infection.

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