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How to Print Banner / Poster Correctly by Yourself

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Release Date: 30 May 2024
Operational Solutions Printing Tutorial  A3 Multifunction Printer Print Guide Banner Poster


We print A4 and A3 sizes on a daily basis, but many companies need to print a variety of different sizes of promotional documents, which often need to be outsourced to professional printing services.

However, we can actually use an office Multifunction Printer (MFP), combined with a Word or PDF file, to print all kinds of promotional documents on our own. Not only can you easily create flyers, postcards, and posters to grow your business, but you can also produce all the prints you need at any time, which not only improves the printing results, but also saves the time and cost of outsourcing.

“Effortless DIY Posters, Master the Art of Printing”

This Print Guide will introduce you about:

SHARP Multifunction Printer(MFP)’s Specialty Poster Printing Tutorial

The following part will use Microsoft Word files as an example to demonstrate how to print a oversized large poster.

Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Panel Configuration Settings

  • Open the document you need to print
  • Measure the dimensions of the paper size required for the poster print
    • Open file → “Layout” → “Size” → “More Page Size”
  • At the window of “Page Setup”:
    • “Paper size” → Select “Custom Size” and enter the custom length and width dimensions (in mm/cm)
    • “Paper source”: select “Bypass Tray”/”Manual Feed” for the first page and all other pages
  • Click “OK” to save the custom paper size settings, then go to “File” → “Print” → “Printer Properties”
    • In the printer settings, under “Paper Source”, select “Bypass Tray”/”Manual Feed”. Click “OK” to apply the settings and print the large format poster

Step-by-Step Guide to MFP Panel Configuration Settings

  • Select the “Tray Settings” menu option
  • Click on the Type field beneath the “Bypass Tray” section
  • Navigate to the “Size: Auto-AB” option
  • Within the “Size: Auto-AB” setting, choose “Direct Entry”
  • Input the desired dimensions (Y=297mm, X=1016mm), then click “OK”
  • Verify that “X1016 Y297” is displayed in the “Size” field, then press “OK” at the top.

Seamless Large-Format Poster Printing: A PDF Splitting Tutorial

We’ve all experienced the frustration of printing on unsuitable paper or scaling down content to A4 size, only to end up with blurry text and images that undermine the quality and impact of the final printed materials. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution – leveraging the built-in poster printing functionality within Adobe Reader.

This feature allows you to automatically divide oversized documents into multiple A4-sized pages, which can then be seamlessly assembled into a complete large-format poster. By taking advantage of this versatile tool, you can ensure high-quality, professional-looking poster prints every time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Panel Configuration Settings

  • Converting the File Format to PDF*
  • *To avoid issues with images and text getting misaligned or distorted when printing Word/PowerPoint/Excel files, it is recommended to export the files as PDF.
    • Open the document and select the print function. Under the “Printer (N)” option, choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” to directly save the print output as a PDF file
  • Open Adobe Reader and select “File” → “Print”
  • In the “Page Sizing & Handling” section, select the “Poster” printing mode*
  • *It is recommended to not select “Double-Sided Printing” in the “Size” printing mode
  • After selecting the “Poster” printing mode, you can adjust the following options as needed:
    • “Tile Scale”: Adjust the page scaling percentage according to your requirements, you can increase the value to enlarge the print.
    • “Overlap”: Determine the width (in mm) of the overlap between the tiled pages.
    • “Crop Marks”: Add cutting guides to each divided page to help identify the cutting positions; generally used together with the “Overlap” option.
    • “Labels”: Add the PDF filename and page number/coordinates to each divided page to help identify the assembly position. For example, “Page 1 (1,1)” indicates the first page, first row, first column, and so on.
    • “Title only large papers”: Apply tiling only to pages that exceed the selected paper size.
  • After adjusting the necessary options, you can preview the result in the right-hand preview window and click “Print”
  • The original large image will now be divided into multiple A4-sized pages. Follow the cutting guides and page position labels to cut and assemble the complete large-format poster

Seamless Large-Format Poster Printing: Microsoft Word Splitting Tutorial

How to Set Up a Copier to Print Posters in Word?
This section provides technical instructions for using a SHARP multifunction printer (MFP) to print posters, to support businesses, schools, and other organizations. You will learn how to use Microsoft Word to split and print large posters on standard paper.

Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Panel Configuration Settings

  • Open Word, select “File” → “Print” → “Printer Properties”
  • In the print preferences, select “Layout” → “Poster Printing”
  • *It is recommended to first select “None” for “Duplex Printing”
  • Adjust the following options in the “Poster Printing” field as needed:
    • Setting the number of sheets:
      • 1×2: 2 A4 sheets combined into a poster
      • 2×2: 4 A4 sheets combined into a poster
      • 3×3: 9 A4 sheets combined into a poster
      • 4×4: 16 A4 sheets combined into a poster
    • Cutting Lines : The document will add dashed cutting lines to aid precise cutting and assembly
    • Partial Overlap: The document will leave overlapping areas to ensure the borders can be precisely aligned during the assembly process
  • After adjusting the necessary options, click “Print”

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In summary, this series of tutorials comprehensively introduces how to self-print various sizes of promotional materials, such as posters and banners, on SHARP Multifunction Printers (MFPs). This not only enhances the printing quality, but also saves the cost and time of outsourcing. Whether using Word, PDF, or custom paper sizes, SHARP provides comprehensive operational guidance, enabling users to easily master large-format printing. Through these practical techniques, users across industries can flexibly utilize office equipment to create creative and professional-level promotional materials, adding endless possibilities to business development.


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