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IT Cybersecurity Solutions: Rewards Up to $1,800 Apple Gift Card

Limited-Time Offer Details

Defend against cyber attacks, and address hidden cybersecurity risks without delay.
SHARP proactively combat for your IT Security and boost your protection shield!
From now on to 30 September 2023, you can be entitled to the maximum of $1,800 Apple Gift Card rewards when you purchase designated IT cybersecurity solutions.

Promotion Details
IT Cybersecurity Products Rewards
Endpoint Security / Access Secure Solutions $1,000 Apple Gift Card
Firewall Solutions $800 Apple Gift Card
Rewards & Gift
Apple store 禮品卡 - IT 網絡安全方案
Apple Store Gift Card
  • $1,000 / $800 Apple Gift Card
  • Visit any Apple Store to purchase hardware and accessories
  • Send Gift Cards via Email
  • Countless electronic products
Special Features
中小企網絡安全,在家工作,防火牆,endpoint security,firewall,SASE,IT支援服務,企業級網絡保護,網絡安全,雲端防毒
Detection engines are lightweight and friendly on system resources, with near-zero interference
中小企網絡安全,在家工作,防火牆,endpoint security,firewall,SASE,IT支援服務,企業級網絡保護,網絡安全,雲端防毒
Immediate React
Achieve more accurate search and destroy capabilities, quick react with one-click isolation
中小企網絡安全,在家工作,防火牆,endpoint security,firewall,SASE,IT支援服務,企業級網絡保護,網絡安全,雲端防毒
AI Core
Adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and behavior analysis functions, providing a 100% threat defense system
中小企網絡安全,在家工作,防火牆,endpoint security,firewall,SASE,IT支援服務,企業級網絡保護,網絡安全,雲端防毒
Secured Access
Flexible expansion, IT administrators can also maintain the system remotely to avoid the risk of infection
中小企網絡安全,在家工作,防火牆,endpoint security,firewall,SASE,IT支援服務,企業級網絡保護,網絡安全,雲端防毒
Better Reporting
Provide defense and system maintenance reports, analyze relevant threat activities and abnormal threats on endpoints
中小企網絡安全,在家工作,防火牆,endpoint security,firewall,SASE,IT支援服務,企業級網絡保護,網絡安全,雲端防毒
Proactive Defense
Technology traps attackers and reduces the probability of detection of masquerading services
中小企網絡安全,在家工作,防火牆,endpoint security,firewall,SASE,IT支援服務,企業級網絡保護,網絡安全,雲端防毒
Good Reputation
Top score of 99.7% for CyberRatings AAA Enterprise Firewall in 2021
中小企網絡安全,在家工作,防火牆,endpoint security,firewall,SASE,IT支援服務,企業級網絡保護,網絡安全,雲端防毒
Latest Intelligence
Support coordinated response with NGAF to form a new generation of security protection system
中小企網絡安全,在家工作,防火牆,endpoint security,firewall,SASE,IT支援服務,企業級網絡保護,網絡安全,雲端防毒
Synergy Response
Support coordinated response with NGAF to form a new generation of security protection system
中小企網絡安全,在家工作,防火牆,endpoint security,firewall,SASE,IT支援服務,企業級網絡保護,網絡安全,雲端防毒
Block Usual Leakage
Including cloud storage applications, preventing users from copying data to USB and watermarks on the screen, etc.
  • Both new and current customers are eligible participants, and all eligible participants must have a valid business registration registered in Hong Kong.
  • Current Customers:
      • Applies to current customers who have not purchased cloud networking and security solutions/firewall solutions.
      • Applies to current customers who have already purchased any of the mentioned promotional packages, who are still eligible to enjoy rewards and benefits when purchasing another package
How to enroll?
    Terms and Conditions
  • The offer promotion period is until 30 November 2023, subject to the completed delivery date.
  • Each eligible company is entitled to receiving a maximum discount of $1,800 Apple Gift Card, with the condition of purchasing the promotional offer of IT Cybersecurity Solutions during the promotion period.
  • Offers are non-transferable, non-saleable or non-redeemable for cash, goods or other offers and services under any circumstances. It will not be reissued if deleted, lost, damaged or unused after expiry.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • Rewards are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.
  • S.A.S. Electric Co., Ltd. will not be responsible for any liability relating to the use of the Gift Card. The supplier of the Gift Card will be solely responsible for the product(s) and/or service(s) redeemed using the Gift Card. Any disputes or complaints arising from the Gift Card shall be resolved directly between the customer and the supplier. For details of how to use the Gift Card, please refer to the email stated thereon or relevant supplier’s website.
  • Apple Asia Limited does not participate in or sponsor this promotional program.
  • In the event of any dispute arising from or in connection with this campaign, the decision of S.A.S. Electric Co., Ltd. shall be final and conclusive.
  • S.A.S. Electric Co., Ltd. reserves the rights to suspend, revise or terminate the Promotion, and to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the decision of S.A.S. Electric Co., Ltd. shall be final.
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