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4 Key Considerations for SMEs When Choosing an A4 Printer

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Release Date: 26 January 2024
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In the modern era of digital offices, everyone needs a reliable small commercial printer to handle documents, whether at home or in the office. In the Hong Kong business world, small and medium-sized enterprises face various challenges, and one important challenge is choosing the most suitable office equipment for their business needs. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a versatile A4 multifunction small commercial printer is an indispensable equipment. The SHARP MX-B427W and MX-C303W compact commercial A4 printers are both excellent choices for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with powerful features and outstanding performance to meet all your printing and copying needs at home or in the office.

SHARP MX-B427W – 4 Key Features of A4 Compact Commercial Printer

1.  Function Versatility

This small commercial printer are innovated with efficient copying technology with high-speed copying, color scanning, black and white printing, and fax functions. It enables to handle various paper sizes from A6 to A4 and features a built-in Document Feeder with advanced fast technology for synchronous automatic duplex scanning (i.e. DSPF), reducing wear and tear while saving paper and costs, as well as time and effort.

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2.  Speed and Mobile Printing Compatibility

The printing speed of the SHARP MX-B427W  small commercial A4 printer is very fast, capable of printing 40 pages per minute, which is crucial for a bustling office environment. In addition, it supports USB direct printing, including file formats such as PDF/TIFF/JPEG, and is also compatible with Apple devices, supporting AirPrint mobile printing without additional configuration.

3.  WiFi Support and Document Security

Furthermore, this small commercial printer is equipped with a 2.8″ color LCD touchscreen for easy control and management of all copying, printing, scanning, and fax functions. It also has WiFi connectivity for easy control and management of all functions via smartphones or tablets. The SHARP MX-B427W small commercial A4 printer also features security settings to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

4.  After-Sales Service and Consumables Support

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often consider long-term after-sales service to avoid worries during the contract period when choosing a printer. In addition to purchasing the printer, operational costs such as consumables and maintenance should also be considered. SHARP small commercial printers provide original black toner and photosensitive drums for up to 20,000 pages to ensure high-quality printing results and a professional appearance for documents. We also offer unlimited on-site maintenance inspections, providing customers with a warranty period of up to three years. With a strong customer service and technical support team, customers can rest assured in managing their hectic business operations.

SHARP MX-C303W – 4 Key Features of Compact Commercial A4 Printer

1.  Highly Mobile Printing Compatibility

The MX-C303W small commercial printer offers exceptional mobile printing compatibility, supporting various mobile printing methods. Apart from computer connectivity, you can also effortlessly connect the MX-C303W small commercial printer using your mobile phone or tablet device, USB drivers, cloud networks, and file servers. This allows you to print documents in various office software formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as multiple file formats including PDF, TIFF, and JPEG. It enables you to print the required documents quickly and easily, no matter where you are.

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2.  Flexible Paper Configuration Options

The MX-C303W small commercial printer provides flexible paper configuration options, allowing small and medium-sized enterprises to select multi-functional paper trays based on their printing volume requirements. The original machine can accommodate 300 sheets of paper, making it suitable for daily office environments with minimal printing needs. However, if high-volume printing is required, you have the freedom to choose from up to four additional multi-functional paper trays, each capable of holding 600 sheets, resulting in a total paper capacity of up to 2700 sheets. This provides a higher paper capacity, reducing the frequency of paper replacement. By selecting the appropriate multi-functional paper tray configuration based on your printing volume requirements and office environment, you can meet your professional printing needs effectively.

3.  Time Savings for Enhanced Work Efficiency

The MX-C303W small commercial printer features outstanding scanning capabilities, with the option to configure OCR character recognition functionality. This allows for the recognition of text information from scanned images or files, enabling you to quickly retrieve relevant documents closely matching your search terms from a large volume of document data. It significantly improves work efficiency. Additionally, the MX-C303W small commercial printer can also be equipped with a business card feeder, enabling OCR functionality to scan business cards and extract data. This facilitates the creation of a business card database for storing and backing up contact information, authentically enhancing the accessibility to the fullest.

4.  Efficient Transmission Time

The MX-C303W small commercial printer is equipped with Super G3 fax functionality. Unlike other commercial printer brands, the MX-C303W small commercial printer does not require an additional purchase for Super G3 fax functionality, as it is built-in. This saves costs and space in the office. The Super G3 fax allows for efficient transmission of fax documents, ensuring that important information is delivered quickly and reliably.

In summary, both the SHARP MX-B427W and MX-C303W  small commercial A4 printers offer exceptional features and performance to meet the printing, copying, scanning, and faxing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The MX-B427W provides versatile functionality, high-speed printing, and mobile printing compatibility, while the MX-C303W offers excellent mobile printing compatibility, flexible paper configuration options, time-saving scanning capabilities, and efficient fax transmission. With their reliable performance and comprehensive after-sales service, these printers are ideal choices for SMEs in Hong Kong.

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