SHARP AQUOS Rich Colour 4K UF30H Series brings you an Exceptional Brand-new Experience


Stunning Images X Smart Connectivity

SHARP AQUOS UF30H Series brings you an Exceptional Brand-new Audio-Visual Experience

Introducing the new AQUOS UF30H 4K Smart TV Series, once again Sharp establishes its pursuit of advanced large-screen display technology and adherence of perfect picture quality. Using the SHARP ?Made in Japan? panel with the proprietary ?UV2A Technology?, the brand-new UF30H Series has also been added two newly-developed image processing technologies: ?Rich Colour Technology? and ?Intelligent Contrast Enhancer?, which shows the most natural, authentic and vivid images on AQUOS big screen. This rocks the audience with a whole new audio visual experience!

Available in two sizes, 70-inch and 60-inch, which both are powered by AndroidTM platform and SHARP exclusive application store, SHARP AQUOS UF30H Series integrates a more flexible smart platform, providing a diversified internet-based audio-visual entertainment to the audience.


4K Ultra HD ? A New Standard for Unparalleled Picture Quality

AQUOS UF30 Series uses the 4K Ultra HD panel, which provides four times the pixel resolution of Full HD (3840×2160) panel. Hence, every single image you watch is four times sharper and more realistic than before. With precision and outstanding detail, AQUOS UF30 Series makes every movie, TV show, sports live and even video game more vibrant and clearer.


Innovative Image Enhancing Technology for Natural Visual Experience

By pioneering a variety of image enhancing techniques, SHARP AQUAS UF30H Series has opened up a whole new world of natural and stunning vision enjoyment.

This is SHARP?s colour design philosophy: instead of using exaggerated colours to generate beautiful images, AQUOS?s large screen depicts colours realistically, just as the people, objects and landscapes are in nature. As one of the leading manufacturers, SHARP has realised even with the help of new LED backlight which can effectively expand the colour gamut, this does not guarantee realistic colour reproduction for Full HD TV. Taking advantages of its accumulated technical know-how, Sharp strove to further improve the image quality through brand new colour and shade processing technique as the adoption of AQUOS 4K panel. The result was an astonishingly realistic viewing experience on AQUOS UH30F TV.


4K demands a level of colour reproduction that exceeds the colour gamut standard of terrestrial digital broadcasts. Together with a new LED backlight system which helps to expand the colour gamut, ?Rich Colour Technology? applied in AQUOS UF30H Series achieves uniquely realistic images with an expanded colour gamut by 20% more. The result is an astonishingly realistic viewing experience on AQUOS UF30H Series 4K TVs.

On the other hand, ?Intelligent Contrast Enhancer? constantly analyzes and adjusts the contrast rate of the input signal, which allows SHARP AQUAS UF30H to enhance bright objects on its screen, while also maintaining accurate and deep black levels on the dark areas on the screen. ?Fine Motion 200? image processing technology effectively improves backlight control and motion performance in fast-moving scenes and sports contents for ultimate enjoyment.

?Made in Japan? Panel with UV2A Technology ? Guarantee of First Class Picture Quality

SHARP is one of the world?s leading TV manufacturers with the crystallization of the most advanced manufacturing facilities originated in Japan. With 100% quality assurance, ?Japan-Made? panel is the key SHARP AQUOS to be proud of.

?Japan-Made? panel for SHARP AQUOS UF30H Series incorporates the exclusive UV2A photo-alignment technology developed in Japan, which utilizes a special pixel structure with wider aperture ratio. This allows more lights to pass through and enhance the light transmittance of panel, as well as to eliminate light leakage due to the special pixel structure. Hence, white is much ?whiter?, black is much ?blacker? and all the colours displayed on SHARP AQUOS UF30H Series are more brighter and more vivid.


AQUOS UF30H: A Smart TV with Smarter Functions

Equipped with Android? 4.4.2 Platform, together with SHARP Exclusive Apps Store, web surfing, streaming video, music, games and social media are just one click away as you use smartphones or tablets, but with a bigger and brighter screen!  Android? Platform even lets you install your favourite apps ?apk? files and customize your personal needs.

Empowered by a Quad Core Processor and Smart CPU with faster processing speed and powerful image processing ability, AQUOS UF30H Series enhances signals for ultimate picture quality, as well as for displaying 4K Ultra HD image.

With the EZCast Wireless Sharing which compatible to both Android and iOS operating system, videos, photos and documents on your smartphone or tablet can be displayed on AQUOS UF30H easily. Built in USB3.0 and SD/SDHC card slot provide more flexibility for enjoying more contents of video, music and photos via external USB drives or SD/SDHC cards.


AQUOS UF30H doesn’t only look good, but also sounds good!

There is no perfect Audio-Visual experience without stunning sound system. Compatible to Dolby Audio? and DTS© 2.0,  AQUOS UF30H Series features a superb sound system which supports increased bitrates at high quality, providing superior surround sound entertainment.

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