A4 Color Office Multifunction Printers

Color printing technology is becoming mature nowadays,
and color printers have become one of the necessary tools in the office.

In response to the needs of companies and enterprises of different sizes, SHARP Business provides a variety of A4 color multifunction printers for Hong Kong enterprises, allowing different companies to quickly and efficiently print out the documents, closely matching their flourishing business development.

  • SHARP's A4 color multifunction printer has excellent printing effect, delicate and natural color, which is convenient for companies to print different promotional documents, such as making small posters, leaflets and other promotional materials. It achieves money and time saving, and also enable to improve operational efficiency.

  • Quick and easy, Compact: Gather photocopying, printing, fax and color scanning functions in a whole

  • Process up to 30 colored documents per minute, which can meet the needs of a large number of printing and is suitable for general offices.

  • Provide powerful functions, support built-in wireless network connection, conveniently print files through mobile devices, and make printing operations more flexible.

Smart Operation Panel

SHARP A4 Multifunction Printers are equipped with a simple color operation screen. Our screen interface is simple and user-friendly.

You can simply browse, drag or click the file at a glance, helping you to process the file easily.

Limitless Print and Create

Main unit paper tray and multi bypass tray accommodate a wide variety of paper sizes, including A6.

SHARP A3 multifunction printers' multi bypass tray and optional paper feed unit handle legal size paper and paper up to 220 g/m² thick. The multi bypass tray can also handle embossed paper.

High-Technology Mycrostoner-HG (High Grade)

The quality of general office A4 color copiers and printers (Printer) varies, but our SHARP A4 color multi-function copiers and printers use high-quality toner, and the printing effect is delicate and natural.

Full Color Scanning

SHARP's A4 color multifunction copier & printer (Printer) also uses exclusive accessories, using RSPF / DSPF (Duplex Single Pass Feeder) scanning technology to save time and facilitate document management and improve work efficiency.



Digital A4 Color Multifunction Printer

 All-in-one function: Print/Copy/Scan/Fax

 Prints up to 30ppm

 Support Mobile Print & Opt. Cloud service

Price: HKD $348up



Digital A4 Color Multifunction Printer

• All-in-one function: Print/Copy/Scan/Fax

 Prints up to 30ppm

 Built-in Duplex Scan

 Support Mobile Print and Opt. Cloud service