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Dual Air Outlet enhance air circulation
This series are featured a 20˚-angled air outlet at the back, and another outlet in the front. This can facilitate air circulation and enhance efficient dust extraction ability.

"Clean Air & Humidify" Mode
Emitting Plasmacluster Ions (PCI) and Water Molecules together, enhances air purifying performance

"Turbo" Mode
Releases a burst of High-Density Plasmacluster Ions (HD PCI) in a shower-like pattern into the air to inactivate the airborne viruses, mold and allergens effectively

High Performance of 4-level Filtering System
1. Pre-filter
Captures large dust particles (500µm or above) with the micron mesh for easy clean up
2. Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter
Has powerful deodorizing ability, can remove various kinds of odor (e.g. cigarette smell*1, garbage odor, pets odor, etc).
3. Deformaldehyde Filter
Removes formaldehyde effectively, can also removes various kind of odors (e.g. cigarette smell*1, garbage odor, pet odor, etc)
4. HEPA Filter
99.97%*2 dust collection rate, collects ultra-fine dust, cigarette smoke*1 and pollen

Dust, Odor, Temperature and Humidity Indicator
Dust Sensor can detect dust, dust mites, pollen; odor sensor can detect the odor from cigarette, candles, spray, etc, the extent of air cleanliness is displayed on Dust and Odor Monitor.
The Temperature and Humidity Indicator can detect temperature and humidity in the room automatically and displays the approximate indoor humidity level

Convenient Design
Equipped with casters, which is easy to move inside your home. The water tank is equipped with handles, making it easy to carry around. The handles also act as a stand, so that the tank is able to stand upright when filling water. Wide water-filling hole allows users to clean the inside of the tank easily.

On / Off Timer
Pressing the On / Off Timer button to choose the duration of operation. Enabling you to operate with different needs and environments.

*1 Toxic substances found in cigarette smoke, such as carbon monoxide, cannot be removed.

*2 Dust collection efficiency of the filter for 0.3micron particles.

Purification Method

HD Plasmacluster Ion

Plasmaclusteer Density (ions/cm³)


Humidifying Air Purifier
Applicable Area


Air Flow Mode

Auto / High / Medium / Low

Operation Mode

HEPA Filter
Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter
Deformaldehyde Filter
Humidifying Filter

Mosquito Catching Method

Yes (Dust / Odor / Humidity / Temperature)

Timer Settings


Child Lock


Air Flow Volum (m3/hr)

Clean Air mode:
280 (High)
160 (Medium)
80 (Low)

Clean Air & Humidify mode:
250 (High)
160 (Medium)
80 (Low)

Power Consumption (W)

Clean Air mode:
31 (High)
10 (Medium)

Clean Air & Humidify mode:
26 (High)
6 (Low)

Noise Level (dBA)

Clean Air, Turbo, Clean Air & Humidify

Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)

393 x 603 x 265


220, 50

Weight (kg)

Approx. 9.2


White (-W)