FAQs - Air Conditioner
Why does water drop from the outdoor unit?

For the models from ¾ HP to 1½ HP, water drop should not be produced from the outdoor unit under normal operation condition. For models from 2 HP to 2½HP, due to the strong ability of dehumidifying, water may be produced during operation. It is suggested to install water tube to solve the problem. Another cause of producing water from the outdoor unit is due to the machine being too dusty/ dirty.

Why is the air-conditioner not cool enough?

Please check if you set the thermostat button at an appropriate temperature (e.g. if you set the thermostat button up to No. 7, the room temperature would be within the range of 22-24oc).

Why does noise come out from the air-conditioner?
There is sound coming from the compressor for 2-3 minutes when the unit turns on. This is the sound of the compressor's start-up and is normal. A soft swishing noise can be heard immediately after the unit is turned on or off, and during operation. This is the sound of the refrigerant flowing inside the unit.
How to maintain the air-conditioner?
To maintain the air-conditioner, it is essential to clean the filter regularly. To remove dust from filter, use a vacuum cleaner or wash it with clean water. Dry the filter with a soft cloth. Do not expose the filter to heat or dry it under direct sunlight.
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