FAQs - Digital A3 MFPs

The AR-M160/M205/M206 has shown E7-11 trouble code during color scan.
Service call request.
What is the default password?

Please refer to the following table:

Model Default web page password Default panel password
User Name password
MX-2700G/3500N/4501N/6201N admin admin admin
admin Sharp 00000

The trouble code CE-02 was shown during network scan.

On the PC side, right click the “Network Scanner Tool” icon. Select the “Automatic Profiles Update” and then click the “Update Now”. Press “Close” when finished update.

My copier panel shown SC1/SC2 and can't make a copy.

Please press the   key, until the “0” shown.

Black lines appear on the copies, when use the document feeder.

Clean the long, narrow scanning glass.

Machine was shown CE-00 trouble code.

Please ensure the LAN cable connected to the machine.

AL-1216/1225/AR-153EN shown L1 trouble code.

Turn off the machine power. Release the scan head locking switch

The Fax out image cut off.
Ensure the correct original size was shown during transmission.
Sheets of blank paper stick together with the copies.
Fan the paper well before loading it.
When using paper feed from the bypass tray, the copied image is skewed.

Adjust the bypass guide to the size of the loaded paper.

Part of the copied image is cut off.
Ensure a suitable ratio for the original size and paper size has not been selected.
The trouble code CE-03 was shown during network scan.

The server was down during the scanning of the original. Ensure the PC was turn on.

The trouble code CE-05 was shown during network scan.
An invalid directory of the FTP server has been entered.
Where can I find out the Sharpdesk Serial Numbers?

You can found out the Serial Number on the front page of the Sharpdesk Installation Guide.

When I'm lost the Sharpdesk serial number, how can I retrieve it?

Please try to retrieve the serial number on the PC, which is installed Sharpdesk.

Step1: Click“START”
Step2: Click“Run”
Step3: Type“regedit”and press“OK”.
Step4: Display the information of
Step5: Double click “Serial”, this is the serial number for Sharpdesk installation.

Step6: Close the regedit.

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