Reimagine your workflow with the endless possibilities of a cutting-edge, next-generation smartboard interactive displays.

HyPr Touch™ with EMR technology

Experience a truly lag-free and paper-like writing experience on an expansive display.

Unlike traditional interactive displays that rely on infrared technology, HyPr Touch™ allows users to draw, write, and express ideas in unparalleled precision under unnoticeable latency. Using HyPr Touch™ with EMR technology, Smartboard can differentiate varying pressure levels and instantly translate the movement of the touch pen, finger, or eraser into accurate strokes on the display. This, combined with the smartboard interactive displays’ ability to recognize pen color and ignore a resting hand automatically, will provide a natural writing and drawing experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

Unparalleled Collaborative Experience

Empower everyone with the benefit of Simultaneous Tool Differentiation, Pen ID™ recognition, and Object awareness™, let everyone can draw, write, and contribute ideas on the smartboard interactive displays simultaneously without suffering from extra latency or disarrangements.

Equipped with SMART collaboration software, smartboards interactive displays give you and your team a fast, flexible, and limitless collaboration experience. You can enjoy the luxury of one-touch access without reconnecting or having to switch to another device for screen and file sharing. You can also connect your smartboard interactive displays wirelessly and seamlessly with your PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Powerful software

With Smartboard interactive displays software, you can enhance the learning experience, experience an end-to-end meeting solution, manage IOS, Android, Chrome OS and Window devices centrally.

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Integrated Touch Panel
Integrated Touch Panel