Hong Kong Sales No.1 *
SHARP air purifiers have achieved Sales No.1* in Hong Kong, which are very popular among users.

*Hong Kong Data Source: According to the sales statistics report of major household appliance chain stores in Hong Kong - No.1 sales brand on unit basis for the consectuive 7 years from 2009-2016
Plasmacluster Technology
Plasmacluster technology is SHARP's original air purifying technology. Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit produces high density of Plasmacluster ion, can inactivate 99.9% airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens. It can also suppress the growth of mold and remove odor.
Humidifying & Air Purifying
Maintain the optimal humidity level to provide comfortable living environment and prevent viruses. Minute water molecules from moisture delivered by vapor humidifying prevent skin, nose and throat dryness.
High Performance of Filtering System
Strong air purifier performance with effective filtering system, effectively inactivates airborne allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, PM2.5 and reduces odors including cigarette smoke*, garbage odor, pet odor and formaldehyde.

*Cannot remove harmful substances such as carbon monoxide
Allergy UK Seal of Approval
Plasmacluster Air Purifiers are certified from the British Allergy Foundation, which remove allergens from the environment of the allergy.
Humidifying Air Purifier

High Density Plasmacluster 7,000
Applicable area : 430 ft2
Color: White

HK$ 4,380.00