5-Year Warranty for SHARP LCD TV
Terms & Conditions

I) General Terms:

  1. Warranty service is provided for products purchased and located only in Hong Kong SAR and Macau by S.A.S. Electric Company Limited (“Sharp”) ; Customer must register product warranty within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  2. Please keep and present the product warranty card together with the official invoice/receipt to our technician when service is rendered.
  3. Warranty service includes free inspection, repair and replacement of defective parts under normal usage except: cabinet, knobs, removable accessories, batteries, consumable, AC cord, connecting cords and other cosmetic accessories, etc.
  4. 3-Month warranty for remote control unit, USB wireless dongle, earphones (if applicable). 6-Month warranty for rechargeable battery (if applicable).
  5. Replaced parts will become the property of Sharp.
  6. This warranty will become null and void if: damage caused by misuse, negligence, accident or natural disasters; product has been installed or operated not following the original instruction manual; product has been repaired/altered/tampered with or modified by unauthorized persons; serial number has been altered, effaced or removed; or the company is not informed of any change of address or ownership of the product.
  7. Service will only be provided under a safe working environment.
  8. It is strongly recommended that separate permanent written records should be kept for all important data. Data may be lost or altered in virtually any electric memory product under certain circumstances. Therefore, it is assumed no responsibility for data lost or otherwise rendered unusable whether as a result of improper use, repairs, defects, battery replacement, use after the specified battery life has expired, or any other causes. Also, it is assumed no responsibilities directly or indirectly for financial losses or claims from third persons resulting from the use of this product and any of its functions, such as stolen credit card numbers, loss or alteration of stored data, etc.
  9. Sharp is not liable for any loss directly or consequential arising from breakdown of the products.
  10. For service on outlying islands or area inaccessible by public transport in Hong Kong, an additional traveling fee will be levied. In case workshop service is needed, customer will be responsible for transporting the product to and from our Customer Service Centre.
  11. Only carry-in services will be provided for small products such as 12″ or below LCD TV, 3D glasses, portable DVD player, camcorder, audio product, calculator, organizer and small home appliances, etc.
  12. For the products out of Hong Kong and Macau areas, all insurance, shipping charges, postage, transportation charges and other related expenses are at owner’s account.
  13. All the rights of the warranty are non-transferable.
  14. 20% discount will be offered for purchase of accessories (e.g. remote control, air filter, etc.) in our Customer Service Centre within warranty period.
  15. In any event, the paid fee is non-refundable.
  16. The terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

II) Special Terms of LCD TV (For brand new products only):

Purchase on or before 14 April 2016:
2-Year Warranty.

Purchase on or after 15 April 2016:
5-Year Warranty.